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You can have aesthetically pleasing results even in the aesthetical zone and design the ideal smile with bone level implants. You can create the perfect collar cohesion and gingival profile.

You can achieve excellent gingival protection at the neck area and bacterial isolation due to stronger implant – abutment connection and the smooth neck area of the Tissue Level implant.

Zygoma implant is a special implant applied to the cheek bone in the zygoma region in patients with non-treatable advanced bone loss in the upper jaw.

It is an alternative dental implant that is used instead of laborious and difficult treatment methods, especially in patients who have some or all of the upper jaw bone removed due to accident or tumors.

Zygoma Atrophic Maxillary implant is a special implant applied to the cheekbone in the zygoma region in patients with a non-treatable high degree of maxillar bone loss in the upper jaw.



They have RBM surface with calcium phosphate treatment. Their slim and less aggressive bodies are suitable for D1 and D2 type bones.


They have a smooth surface and with their aggressive forms, they are ideal for immediate fixation in the extraction socket and D3 and D4 type bones.

O-T (Rough+Smooth) (P)

This hybrid implant combines the features and benefits of the implant (T) and the implant (P), so the upper part of this implant is treated like (T) type to stimulate Osseo integration. The tip of the bottom of the implant is high polished to help reduce contamination, thereby preventing potential infections in some cases, especially in the maxillary sinus areas.